curious case.

i will be perfect.

lw: 43/94 × cw: 55/121
gw1: 55/121 × gw2: 50/112

i cry to much.

i go back to the gold coast tomorrow. i get to see meg later this week. i will never want to leave. i want to cling to her and go somewhere far away. i’ll go back to sydney though. i will end up ignoring everyone. i hate you all. i want to be alone. although thats not hard. all i ever do is fucking repel people. fuck. i hate you all. all you people that i thought were my friends. fuck that boy that told me he liked me and then proceeded to ignore me.

i know i’ve gained weight. i’ve been eatting. my dad asked me too. its okay. i go back to sydney soon. it’s okay. i’ll stay in bed all day and dream of the people i used to like.

goal 1 achieved. life is still no better. what a fucking surprise.

3 years ago